No Comments on Robert Downey Jr. Invites Boy With Cystic Fibrosis to ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Premiere

Robert Downey Jr. may play a superhero on the big screen, but to some he’s a superhero in real life, too. 

The Iron Man star invited a 7-year-old boy named Daniel to be his plus one at the Captain America: Civil War L.A. premiere in 2016 after learning of his battle with cystic fibrosis...

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No Comments on EthanCleansUp! 6-Year-Old with Cystic Fibrosis Lives Out Adorable Dream to Be Garbage Man for a Day

Ethan Dean has loved garbage trucks nearly his whole life.

The 6-year-old – who suffers from cystic fibrosis – got his first toy garbage truck as a gift four years ago, and became obsessed with watching them from the stairway of his family home in Rancho Cordova, California.

“He would hear the garbage truck from two blocks away,” his mother, Erin Dean, tells PEOPLE. “He’d run upstairs to get to the middle of the stairs to watch for them...

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No Comments on One Mushroom Can Give A Woman An Orgasm From Sniffing It, Apparently

UNILAD orgasmfung110

one mushroom apparently has rather special properties indeed.

The Dictyophora mushroom as it’s known, is reportedly so special that it can prompt a woman to orgasm – and give her what a guy might not be able to.

According to research, half the women who sniffed the mushroom experienced orgasm.

UNILAD orgasmfung13Tim Adams

The magical properties of the mushroom first emerged back in 2001, in The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, but has once again hit the headlines,...

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No Comments on Survivors of First Attempt at High Risk for Later Suicide

A first suicide attempt is an even greater risk factor for a completed suicide than previously appreciated, and the great majority of completed suicides occur within a year of the first attempt, a new cohort study shows.

The findings suggest that first suicide attempts may be “even more lethal than we knew,” the authors state in the article’s title...

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No Comments on Cheap Vaccine Has Almost Wiped Meningitis A From Africa

Another vaccine triumph: Just five years after a cheap jab for meningitis A was developed, the devastating disease is almost gone from the parts of Africa it has ravaged for the past century. While its success should be heralded, this is by no means time for complacency. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that this progress threatens to be undone if affected countries don’t routinely immunize children against this disease.

Meningococcal A me...

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No Comments on ADHD and Michael Phelps: Medication Is Not a Crutch

One of the greatest disservices to children and adults with mental health issues is marginalizing those who need medication.  In Marilyn Wedge’s blog post “What We Can Learn From Michael Phelps AboutADHD”, she writes,

Ritalin is a crutch

Feeling that the drug was a crutch,  Phelps decided to learn to use his mind to focus and control himself in the class room [sic].

Wedge also writes,

But even with his exceptional gifts, it is unlikely that Phelps could beat...

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No Comments on Stomach Ulcer symptoms?

f you are suffering with, or just think you may have, a stomach ulcer then you should get to know all the facts about stomach ulcers. This important information could save you from months of unnecessary stress and suffering, by putting you on the right track – right now!

Take a few minutes to learn the truth about why most doctors can’t (and sometimes won’t) tell you why the most commonly prescribed treatments fail nearly 70% of the time, and how this can effect...

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Faber Birren is a pioneer in the field of color study and the author of 24 books about color. He states that your favorite color says a lot about your character.

“It is possible to make quite an accurate judgment about someone`s personality traits in correlation with their color preferences.”

This color test will discover facts about your personality you`ve probably never suspected.

Just choose one color you prefer the most from these nine and see the results...

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No Comments on Good Talks Needed to Combat HPV Vaccine Myth

When people hear about vaccine deniers — anti-vaxxers, to some — they most often think about parents who are refusing to vaccinate their children. But there’s another type of vaccine refusal, and it’s important that we not ignore that. Doctors sometimes promote the use of some vaccines with less enthusiasm than others. Sometimes, they don’t talk about them at all.

This occurs most often with the human papillomavirus, or HPV, vaccine...

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No Comments on Brain Games Might Cut Alzheimer’s Risk

A computerized brain training program cut the risk of dementia among healthy people by 48 percent, U.S. researchers said Sunday in reporting an analysis of the results of a 10-year study.

The preliminary findings, presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto, are the first to show that any kind of intervention could delay the development of dementia in normal, healthy adults.

To date, cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists ha...

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